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Herbert Guerry

In my first career, for ten years I was a philosophy professor (M.A., M.S., Ph.D.) teaching symbolic logic, history of philosophy, epistemology, metaphysics and other subjects at Idaho State University, Pembroke State University, and (as a T.A.) the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. My publications include A Bibliography of Philosophical Bibliographies, 330 pp. (Greenwood, 1977), and articles in The Journal of Philosophy, Analysis, Sophia, Cirpho Review, and short items in various other journals and periodicals.

After four years research, I have recently completed a 450 page reference work, Some Fatherly Advice about Sex: What God the Father and the Early Church Fathers Tell Us.

My wife and I live in beautiful Savannah, Georgia where I was born and in the house in which I grew up. We have four children and several grandchildren. My leisure activities have included, or now include, hunting, fishing, boating, gardening, writing, “making things,” and now –violin lessons.

For my entire adult life I have been active in various Christian and civic organizations.


“If we “squint,” mentally, in order to isolate the most prominent features of our moral landscape, we see a preoccupation with sex, a malady formerly enjoyed by only a few eccentric libertines, a handful of morally comatose sociopaths, occasional predatory magnates, and numerous adolescents. This new freedom allows, condones, encourages, and sometimes even subsidizes at state expense, practices that were once not only forbidden and even severely punished…”

– Herbert Guerry

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A Hedonistic Heretical Sect

A Hedonistic Heretical Sect

“Dante speaks of the ‘highest love’ that built the walls of hell. We shudder at the medieval grimness. The opposite and more dangerous extreme is to lavish what Bousset calls a ‘murderous pity’ upon human nature and, and under cover of promoting love, be ready to...

All the News That’s Fit to Print?

All the News That’s Fit to Print?

This morning (11/20/2020) I reluctantly spent $3.00 for today’s New York Times to see if it would offer up its usual anti-Trump take, this time on the plausible case made yesterday by President Trump’s attorneys about voter fraud. It did. An unbiased headline would...

Thoughts for Today

Thoughts for Today

Thoughts for today: 1. Today, November 10, in the aftermath of our tumultuous and still undetermined Presidential Election, is the 227th anniversary of the bloody French Revolution’s Fête de la Raison in which radicals transformed France’s churches into Temples of...